Games Featuring Zayten and Dentia

Concept and Creation

One day in the world of Yelaxot, an earthquake strikes and shatters the 3 Sacred Stones thus forcing the Power of Yelaxot to vanish.
With the world's power source gone, the world is in danger of turning grey and fading away along with every being on the planet. After
a white flash occurs along with the earthquake turning portions of the world grey, Dentia, the ancient purple power cube, flies off to
retrieve the blue Yelaxian, Zayten. After a brief conversation with between the two heroes, they both travel off into the world of
Yelaxot to obtain all of the necessary resources to restore the world to it's former beautiful state. Zayten and Dentia were
both created in the Barkalar Games indie game "Yelaxot" in the year 2010 shortly before the game's development process started.
They are the main protagonists in the Yelaxot universe. Zayten and Dentia are also unlockable characters in the
Barkalar Games indie game "Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes" game.
Zayten and Dentia