Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes

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Game Description

Game Features

    • Over 40 Fun Levels • A variety of classic platforming, challenges, survival, puzzles, boss battles, innovative
    gameplay mechanics, and secrets to discover.

    (DLC Levels May Be Available)

    • Nice Colorful Environments • Many different environments with beautiful, nicely detailed, colorful graphics.

    • 26+ Playable Characters • A roster of 26+ colorful, creative, unique characters (24 unlockable) to play as.
    (DLC Characters May Be Available)

    • Local Multiplayer • Have fun playing in over 40 levels with your friends and family.

    • A Ton of Different Obstacles • Many different enemies, spikes, saws, projectiles, and more,
    standing in your way.

    • Video Game References • Watch funny video game reference scenes as you progress through the game.

    • Over 25 Achievements • Unlock 25+ achievements.

    • Many Collectables • Zauber Gems, coins, jewels, and many other collectables to help you purchase items
    from the in-game shop, survive, and save the world from evil.

    • Multiple Weapons and Powerups • Shotguns, bombs, ice beams, fire blasters, character combos,
    and more to use against you enemies.

    • Controller Support • Play Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes with a Playstation 3 | Xbox 360 controller.

    • Steam Exclusives • Unlock Steam achievements, trading cards, badges, emoticons, profile backgrounds, and more.

    • Hours of Fun Gameplay • Have fun playing Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes for hours.