Games Featuring Noir Sombra

Concept and Creation

As the first Barkalar Games character ever, Noir Sombra, the black, shadow-like smoke figure was created in the Barkalar Games
indie game "Esfera" in the year 2008. In Esfera, you controlled Noir Sombra in the world known as the "Shadow World"
where almost everything is the color black. With puzzles to solve, Noir Sombra finds himself discovering multiple new abilities and
obstacles to overcome. Weeks after Esfera's original release, the game was taken down completely due to my own
personal reasons. I felt the game did not quite fit with my other projects, but later decided to remaster it. Noir Sombra is also
an unlockable character in the Barkalar Games indie game "Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes".
Noir Sombra