Games Featuring Galladon

Concept and Creation

Galladon, the grey, red-eyed, horned block monster is the main villain in the Block Island universe. When the machine he created at the
top of Snow Block Mountains was destroyed by the heroic block kid, Sean, Galladon travelled to Portal Island to rule the entire island with
his dark curses. After a long adventure on Portal Island, Galladon's nemesis, Sean, finally arrived inside his dark castle where the
battle between good and evil took place. After being defeated by Sean, the monsterous antagonist burst and was never seen again.
Years after the battle, Galladon resurfaced as a playable character in the Barkalar Games indie
game "Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes" game. Galladon was created in the year 2011 in the Barkalar Games
indie game "Block Island: Trouble in Paradise" (2010 - 2011).