Pop, Easy Listening • Feb 20, 2017
22 Songs, 83 Minutes
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 1 Elizabeth Drifts Away4:28
 2 At the Country Club3:43
 3 Time to Slow Jam4:32
 4 Distant Memory3:08
    5 Funk in Paradise3:09
 6 Mexico Groove4:27
 7 Old Memory Hill4:15
    8 Here at Last3:45
    9 When in Heaven4:22
 10 Somewhere by the Sea3:01
 11 Rising Star4:53
    12 Enchanted Storms5:27
    13 Laurie2:54
 14 Fantasy on Cloud 93:59
 15 All Day Melody3:00
    16 If the Rain Starts to Fall3:45
    17 Fantastic Art of Gold3:12
 18 Jazzy Fuego4:07
    19 Midnight Magic3:03
    20 Out in the Snow3:18
    21 Together at Shore4:02
    22 Gleam in the Night3:16
℗ 2016, 2017 Barkalar Games

Produced in Atlanta, Georgia
Art Design: Barkalar Games
Special thanks to my family and Gavin Downey

As my first album, the process of making Barkalar Games I was a bit weird overall.
The production process started in late 2016, but this was not my first time making music.
I started working as "Barkalar Games" in 2008 to develop my own video games for
my own enjoyment. After years of producing freeware games, I finally started
working on a new game idea I wanted to make in 2008 but never produced. This
game, "Yelaxot", became my first commercial game which forced me to teach myself
how to make music for my game projects since I didn't want to hire a composer.

After years of making Video Game Music (VGM), I honestly found myself not enjoying
the process of making music at all until I started working on a new game in 2016. During the
development process, I decided to stop putting all of my focus into making VGM
and just make the kind of music that I love. Afterwards, I quickly went on to make
songs like "Distant Memory", "Rising Star", "Mexico Groove", and "At the Country Club".
Even though they weren't technically VGM, they still fit into game projects I was working
oddly enough. I then made the song "Elizabeth Drifts Away" for the mother of a friend
and her inspiring faith. During a trip to Chicago, Illinois, I had the opportunity to make the
song "Time to Slow Jam" in my hotel room which was on the top floor with a beautiful
view of the city at night. "Laurie" was made while on the road in Dallas, Texas.
"Old Memory Hill" was made one night while on the road in Waco, Texas.

By the time I decided to produce this album, the majority of the songs were already
made in the past years. It was a bit of a transition overall to change my style of music, but
when I finally started making the kind of music that I like, that's when I began to enjoy the
process of making music. I love the music of this album as I love all of the music I make
and officially release, but this album is notably different and special in it's own way.